Jonathan Meza
plays: 17 - 30 years old
Actor, Singer, Dancer

I was born in Los Angeles and have had the blessing of knowing that I wanted to be an actor my whole life. I trained at the Coronado school of the arts for high school, and Philadelphia University of the arts for college and the Moscow Art Theater of Russia for a semester. Since leaving college I have worked over 6 years as a host for events in all arenas, and performed all over the world.

I work with the military performing for families on base, and those who have lost loved ones at war. My father is in the service as well.

I had studied long and short forms of improvisation, non-violent communication, and many forms of dance, voice, and acting. Most of all I bring enthusiasm and positivity to the set and I have an incredible work ethic. It would be foolish to pass me up.


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